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Wacky Packages stickers for sale

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Please Note: I try to be very conservative in the grading - see this page for a better idea of the grading on this site.
Note: Prices do change, both up an down, because I am regularly replenishing my stock and my prices are based on what I can gett stuff for at any given time.
Many sets have sold since the store opened October, 2002 (see the archive).
A feedback forum has just been set up (Nov 4th, 2002), please leave feedback on your transaction.



Sticker sets: (does not include checklist puzzle unless otherwise stated):

NOTE: none of the 4th series sets contain bum chex or choke wagon.

Sticker singles: Checklists: Checklists are all unchecked. If graded Ex/Ex+ then might have moderate wax stains on backs, which is very common with checklists. If Ex+ or better then will at worst have slight wax stains.
NOTE: All items for sale on this page which are not noted as being from a third party are guaranteed, you can return them if not completely satisfied (but make sure to return exactly what you receive because scans will be kept for our records). For those sold here by third parties, please arrange all things like return policies with that party.
Payment methods accepted: check, money order, credit card, PayPal
Shipping: $1 for orders under $5, $1.50 for orders $5 to $25, $2.50 for orders $25 to $125, $4.50 for orders over $125. Items over $20 will be shipped insured, either first class or priorty.
For orders please write orders@wackypackages.org
For questions please write questions@wackypackages.org