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Wackys and the Internet

The rise of the internet, and in particular eBay and John Mann's web page, jump started the hobby in a way that has been bewildering, and in a way that has not happened to other trading card collectibles. Wackys obviously are special, and Wacky Pack collectors are ravenous, even maniacal! No other card collectible seems to do to people what Wackys do, their ability to evoke nostalgia is powerful for millions of people who grew up at the right time.
The internet is what brought scores of people back into the hobby and connected them together. Before the internet few people knew where to look for any kind of Wacky Pack collectors. Many people wondered if they were the only one who remembered them, and it is a mind blowing experience for people when they discover the vibrant presence of Wacky on the web (eureka!) and they see how alive the hobby is today. And those memories of 1973 flow back, and from there it is a short journey for many people to the point where they will spend any amount of money to collect ever more elusive Wackys. No other non-sports collectible exists on the map compared to what Wackys do to people. Well you probably wouldn't be here reading this if you didn't already understand that. They were a phenomena then, and they are a phenomena again now.