Topps Wacky Packages 14th Series 1975
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Topps Wacky Packages
14th Series 1975
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  • This series was released around April/June 1975.
  • Packs have two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • There are 30 titles.
  • sticker copyrights:
  • This is the only other Topps series, besides the 2nd series, where there are roughly an equal split of tan versus white back stickers. There is some consensus, mainly on the East coast, that tan is a bit tougher. Besides this there are other variations in the backs, such as tri-folds.
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14th Series Checklist
Sugarmess Bubble Gum        Oscar Mayor Baloney                Totarillo Cigars        
Rotsa Root Candy Canquit Chicken Pie IOU Magazine
Moldy Bride Magazine            Sealva Thins        Duxie Cups
Balding Football Sell'em Cigarettes Mrs. Poles Sticks
Rebell Jet      Taffy Cat Food Weakinson Blades
Messquire Magazine      Nose-X Tissue Playbug Magazine
Fanatical Sickly Fiction          Snort Magazine        Slayer Aspirin
Ain't Toothpaste Fearasil Hippy Trash Bags
Battletime Beer Polarbearoid Film Flunk Mushmallow               
Satan Wrap                   Irish Ring Promesso Sauce      

Sugarmess Bubble Gum
Rotsa Root Candy
Moldy Bride Magazine
Balding Football
Rebell Jet
Messquire Magazine
Fanatical Sickly Fiction
Ain't Toothpaste
Battletime Beer
Satan Wrap
Oscar Mayor Baloney
Canquit Chicken Pie
Sealva Thins
Sell'em Cigarettes
Taffy Cat Food
Nose-X Tissue
Snort Magazine
Polarbearoid Film
Irish Ring
Totarillo Cigars
IOU Magazine
Duxie Cups
Mrs. Poles Sticks
Weakinson Blades
Playbug Magazine
Slayer Aspirin
Hippy Trash Bags
Flunk Mushmallow
Promesso Sauce