Topps Wacky Packages 2nd Series 1973
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Topps Wacky Packages
2nd Series 1973
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  • Topps had such great success with the 1st series that they quickly developed a second series, which they released in the summer of 1973.
  • Packs contain two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • There are 33 different titles in this series.
  • sticker copyrights:
  • As the 1st series was taken directly from the die-cuts, the 2nd series was taken directly from the Wacky Ads. Norm Saunders redid the images of the Wacky Ads in his own style and voila, 2nd series.
  • Run Tony Shells was pulled during the run supposedly because Ronzoni had complained to Topps that the title was a slander towards Italians. Sheets can be found with and without Run Tony, on those without, an extra Chicken Fat takes its place. No new checklists were printed without Run Tony however.
  • Topps still had some ludlow back sticker stock left over which they used up on the beginning of this series. They also printed a roughly equal amount of white and tan backed stickers. They were in a transition to all tan back stickers, but they apparently had restocked enough white back stickers to do half the 2nd series and a tad of the 3rd series. Whiteback stickers would not reappear until series 13.
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2nd Series Checklist
Gurgle Baby Food Commie Cleanser Awful Bits
Botch Tape      Chicken Fat Blunder Bread
Sailem All-Brain Cereal Vile Soap
Sugarmess Bubble Gum    Blecch Shampoo Hurts Tomatoes
Plastered Peanuts Nertz Log Cave-In Syrup
Minute Mud Boo-Hoo Drink Gyppy Pop Corn
Ajerx Fish-Bone Dressing Putrid Cat Chow
Exceedrin Gloom 8-Lives Tuna Bones
Ultra Blight Kook Cigarettes Brittle Soap Pads
Cap 'n Crud Schtick Blades                  Dull Pineapple                 
Ditch Masters Poopsie                  Run Tony Shells                 

Gurgle Baby Food
Botch Tape
Sugarmess Bubble Gum
Plastered Peanuts
Minute Mud
Ultra Blight
Cap n Crud
Ditch Masters
Commie Cleanser
Chicken Fat
All-Brain Cereal
Blecch Shampoo
Boo-Hoo Drink
Fish-Bone Dressing
Kook Cigarettes
Schtick Blades
Awful Bits 
Blunder Bread 
Vile Soap 
Hurts Tomatoes 
Log Cave-In Syrup 
Gyppy Pop Corn 
Putrid Cat Chow 
8-Lives Tuna Bones 
Brittle Soap Pads 
Dull Pineapple
Run Tony Shells