Topps Wacky Packages 5th Series 1973/4
Topps Wacky Packages
5th Series 1973/4

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5th Series Checklist
Sludge (Betty Crooked)        Plopsikle Ha Ha Crackers
Tijuana Smells      Achoo Sicken of the Sea
Old Spit Cologne Hungry Jerk Clank Bar
Muleburro Cigarettes    Fatina Cereal Smith Sisters
White Fowl Cigars Shot Wheels Glutton Mustard
Swiss Mess Cocoa Cram Stiffords Glue
Secrets   Slaytex Gloves
Moobelline Pounds Chumps Candy
Light and Dizzy Yoga Knuckles Candy Graft Cheese
Head and Boulders Cover Ghoul                  Triks Cereal                 
Big Baddy Krazy Crackers Shots Candy



Sludge (Betty Crooked)
Tijuana Smells
Old Spit Cologne
Muleburro Cigarettes
White Fowl Cigars
Swiss Mess Cocoa
Light and Dizzy Yoga
Head and Boulders
Big Baddy
Hungry Jerk
Fatina Cereal
Shot Wheels
Knuckles Candy
Cover Ghoul
Krazy Crackers
Ha Ha Crackers
Sicken of the Sea
Clank Bar
Smith Sisters
Glutton Mustard
Stiffords Glue
Slaytex Gloves
Chumps Candy
Graft Cheese
Triks Cereal
Shots Candy