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message: 640
name: Jeffrey

Wacky Packages!I just got my book Wacky Packages,Published by Abrams Press.Quite simply,Wackies move me.I love 'em.What kind of person likes Wackies?I don't know.They convey some timeless,crazy feeling for me.Probably from my childhood,these feelings come from.I love all the crazy,demented characters on the cards.The realistic graphic representation of the products,combined with a gag makes me feel privy to some inside joke about society.Yeah,I'm wacky too.Peace out everyone.Keep being Wacky,it is our only hope!!

date: 9:33 pm - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

message: 639
name: mike sueiras
email: n4ohx@yahoo.com

wacky packages take me back to a wonderful time.they were funny.Istuck them all over my briefcase.when i saw them back in the store i turned my kids on to them to.takes you back to a more innocent time.

date: 5:28 am - Wednesday, January 7, 2009

message: 638
email: ronlisa@wcblue.com

Hi Greg , I collected wacky packages as  a kid. I could not wait to go to the cornor drug store as a kid every friday after school to buy 2 packs with the dime my mom would give me. I always dreamed of buying a hole box , but never had the money.
  As years went by, they were forgoten until this year (feb. 2008) when I was in my attic and came across them in a old cigar box. WOW , DID IT BRING BACK THE MEMORIES!!! I got on e bay just to see if I could find a couple for the heck of it. I found over 1200 for sale!! I could not beleave it. I then googled wacky packages and found this site. Now I am hooked on these things more than ever! I am now trying to catch up on the history behind these cards and putting sets together now . I trying to collect them all ,Die cuts to the ANS and flashbacks. The 1970s are the most special for me . THANKS GREG for all of your hard work on all the info. that you share with us. I have found your forum back in April 2008 and enjoy it very much. I dont post much on it because it takes me forever to type a sentence. My login name is ronlisa. THANKS AGAIN GREG.

date: 7:13 pm - Sunday, November 16, 2008

message: 637
name: Sharon
email: dollyforsue62@yahoo.com

Hi!!  I remember the Wacky Packages!!  I work for a dentist and a patient (John Kennedy) told me about your site-this is great!!  I NEED to order the coffee table book!!

date: 8:17 pm - Friday, October 24, 2008

message: 636
name: Mike Beaulieu
email: beaumart@plateautel.net

I collected the whole set of wacky ads in 1969 when i was 9 yrs old,except the good and empty.I never even new what card #25 was until i came to this web site.It was such a pleasure to finally see what the holy grail of wacky ads is.It sucks to here that they cost 500 and up though.I probably spent a whole 10.00 back then to get the whole set and a ton of gum, which seemed like $500 to me then i remember.It was hard to save up $2.00 to buy a model in the young model builders club i rember. Well thanks for the nice site and look down memory lane, if anyone needs some cards i may have some to sell, and if anyone wants to sell a good and empty let me know.A great day to all.mike

date: 9:18 pm - Wednesday, September 10, 2008

message: 635
name: Jackie Phillips
email: jophillips@aol.com

I would like to sell my collection of Wacky Packages that I collected as a child. Does anybody know where I can list them for sale? Thanks.

date: 8:54 pm - Tuesday, August 26, 2008

message: 634
name: michelle heppard

i love wackey packs

date: 5:20 pm - Tuesday, August 26, 2008

message: 633
name: Paul Perdue
email: twoperdues@aol.com

I have all my Wacky Packages from the 1970's.  

I have complete Series 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 from the original Series 1-14.

I lack one each from Series 5 & 7,

I lack 2 from Series 11,

I lack 5 from Series 13

and lack 11 from Series 1

& just a few each from Series 3, 9, 12, & 14.

I also have lots of duplicates if anyone's interested.  Cheers! Paul

date: 9:26 pm - Tuesday, August 12, 2008

message: 632
name: Catherine
email: texmoms@aol.com

I used to scrape up enough money back in the 70's to buy Wacky Packages!  I loved them!!!  It's cool that there is a book. This is awesome!!

date: 10:24 pm - Wednesday, July 30, 2008

message: 631
name: manny
email: borri96@aol.com

i love wacky packs  there funny and awsome i started collecting two yrs ago i wish i started erleir thanks

date: 12:14 am - Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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