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message: 210
name: RUMNEY
email: scott_r52@yahoo.com
url: http://www.geocities.com/scott_r52/

What a great site.I came accross a bunch of old wacky stickers,puzzle pieces and tattoos,that I had bought as a kid.I'm gonna keep some of my favorites but,sell the rest.This site has been such a help.I will have some pics on my homepage when i get a chance. http://www.geocities.com/scott_r52/
I have quite a few to go through.I have found 4 Bum Checks and 4 Choke Wagons

date: 5:26 pm - Sunday, May 18, 2003

message: 209
name: Chris Barros
email: cdcvbarros@wmconnect.com

O MY GOSH!!! A Wacky Packages Web site!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! What good memories those stickers brought back! I remember buying them at the store and selling them for double the next day at school. Somewhere in my parents'attic I KNOW I have a huge collection. To the best of my memory, most of the stickers I saved, I kept unpeeled. We'll see what I turn up with, folks. Until next time.......

date: 9:54 am - Friday, May 16, 2003

message: 208
name: Mike
email: mike@mikematera.com
url: http://www.mikematera.com

Wow! I am blown away. Not only because you've archived something that I truly loved as a kid in the 1970s, but also because, believe it or not -- just the other night while lying in bed -- I made a mental note to see whether a site like yours existed on the Web. Don't ask me how or why Wacky Packages were on my mind, but they were.

Anyway, I was looking for something completely unrelated just now (info about STP Oil Treatment), and your site came up on Google! If this isn't synchronicity, I don't know what is!

Thanks for putting together such a nice site. I will be back soon and often.



date: 7:52 pm - Wednesday, May 14, 2003

message: 207
name: Linda
email: lskooi@aol.com

I bought Wacky Packages in the 70's. They were so popular that the stores ran out of them so fast. I remember going into stores and asking "When are you going to get more in?" I had a t-shirt with No Tips (Q-Tips) on it. I have a vague memory of my older brother buying them before I did and the were in baseball card form, not stickers? Does anyone remember these?

date: 12:14 am - Wednesday, May 14, 2003

message: 206
name: Robby 1962
email: Cornwa5@aol.com

Like a Time warp Yeh!!!! Thought
almost everyone might of forgot about them. I was 10 years old in
1972 and made many a trip to the local store-walking for a mile each
way just to get em ---YEH!!!
Some are still in the garage walls
at my old mans house where I grew up The "Muleboro" (marlboro) one!
frozen in time.......................

date: 1:21 am - Tuesday, May 13, 2003

message: 205
name: Mark Hadley
email: markhadley09@webtv.net

Love your website; I used to buy Wacky Packages and Star Wars cards at the store where I caught the school bus in the mid 1970s.

date: 4:53 pm - Saturday, May 10, 2003

message: 204
name: Jeff
email: jmlhound@yahoo.com

Morton "Moron" Salt

If you think about it, it's really a bad thing. It gives E-bay yet a tighter hold on the hobby.
I inquired about that card about a week before your artical (to janardana) I Decided to write Morton salt and told them that I would no longer buy thier products due to this issue. I also told them they should get over it. I havn't heard back. I guess I shouldn't expect to.

date: 11:51 pm - Thursday, May 8, 2003

message: 203
email: TRICHE7777


date: 3:27 pm - Thursday, May 8, 2003

message: 202
name: Drew
email: email@changinglinks.com
url: http://www.ChangingLINKS.com

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date: 1:25 am - Saturday, May 3, 2003

message: 201
name: Rob Asmus
email: picmeup21@hotmail.com

I actually owned a "Harm & Hammer" t-shirt when I was a kid. It was dark orange - I noticed this wasn't mentioned with the other "Wacky" t-shirts. Whether or not it was an official copyrighted T, I couldn't tell you. I remember the lettering blended with the shirt, though, in a darker orange-brown colour. I remember it was my favorite shirt at the time (circa 1975)! I also made some of my own Wacky-Packs around that time (Oil is Okay; Gory carpet cleaner, Quakey Oats, and by coincidence, Aqua-Flesh!!) Thanks for bringing back the memories, Greg.

date: 4:53 pm - Saturday, April 26, 2003


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