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Topps Guernsey auction - 1989

In 1989 Topps held an auction for thousands of items from their legendary "Vault". There were 360 pieces of Wacky Pack original art involved in the auction, as well as a handful of uncut sheets. They had the Guernsey auction house conduct the auction. The auction participants were given a 196 page catalog. Several of these pages related to Wacky Packs. This catalog occasionally appears on eBay and usually goes for between $100 and $200.
For participants willing to stand in line, Topps was stamping all items sold in the auction with the official Guernsey/Topps auction stamp.
The links below are to scans of all of the catalog pages which relate to Wacky Packages, as well as a few others pages of interest. Below that are links to other items relating to the auction.

first page (general information)
page 6 (The Topps Archive at Auction: A Definition)
page 7 (calendar of events)
page 8 (thanks and acknowledgements)
page 9 (letter from Arthur Shorin - Topps Chairman of the Board)
page 12 (article: Topps and American Culture - by Norman J. Liss - one paragraph on the second page is about wacky.)
page 13 (page 2 of Liss article)
page 16 (glossary of terms)
page 28 (first color page of wackys - Fatina, Shorts Ill., Reaganets, Ratz)
page 29 (second color page of wackys - Kook-Aid, Chimpanzee, 8-Lives, Promesso)
page 144 (Wacky Packages - general description of wackys and items)
page 145 (shot of two newspaper articles on wackys)
page 146   (supersize) (first page of black and white scans)
page 147   (supersize) (second page of black and white scans)
page 154   (supersize) (third page of black and white scans)
page 155    (supersize) (fourth page of black and white scans)
page 160   (supersize) (fifth page of black and white scans)
page 161   (supersize) (sixth page of black and white scans)
back cover (features Gadzooka)
See a bidder's card from an attendee of the auction.
See a buyer's invoice.
There were several extra items sold in some final lots that were not listed in the catalog, presumably as some kind of afterthought inclusions, including some uncut Wacky sheets (and maybe more art?). Here is a buyer's invoice for the last lot.

Thanks to Duane Dimock for providing the invoice and bidder's card scans.