Topps Wacky Packages 13th Series 1975
Topps Wacky Packages
13th Series 1975

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Sore Deodorant
Drainola Cereal
Ale Detergent
Doomed Matches
Rowdy Gelatine
Battle Ball
Scream Sicle
Ape Green Beans
Sneezer Dressing
Bug Wally
Bathless Ribbons
Icicle Playing Cards
Hazel Mishap Lipstuck
Shrunken Donuts
Screech Tape
Bum's Life Magazine
Brain Power
Le Rage's
Shorts Illustrated Mag.
Umbrella Magazine
Nooseweek Magazine
Crocked Magazine
Jerk in Jail Magazine
National Spittoon Mag.
Dumb and Crazy Salt
Doesn't Delight Cocktail
Beastball Bubble Gum
Don't-Touch-Mee Tea