Topps Wacky Packages 14th Series 1975
Topps Wacky Packages
14th Series 1975

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Sugarmess Bubble Gum
Rotsa Root Candy
Moldy Bride Magazine
Balding Football
Rebell Jet
Messquire Magazine
Fanatical Sickly Fiction
Ain't Toothpaste
Battletime Beer
Satan Wrap
Oscar Mayor Baloney
Canquit Chicken Pie
Sealva Thins
Sell'em Cigarettes
Taffy Cat Food
Nose-X Tissue
Snort Magazine
Polarbearoid Film
Irish Ring
Totarillo Cigars
IOU Magazine
Duxie Cups
Mrs. Poles Sticks
Weakinson Blades
Playbug Magazine
Slayer Aspirin
Hippy Trash Bags
Flunk Mushmallow
Promesso Sauce