Topps Wacky Packages 16th Series 1976
Topps Wacky Packages
16th Series 1976

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Bleed's Candy
Fling 'Ems Candy
Scoot Mouthwash (w/copyright)
Scoot Mouthwash (w/o copyright)
Earth Bum Shampoo
Ghoul Humor
Ram-a-liar Syrup
Krummies Diapers
Sucker Twin
Horsey Feed Bags
Floral Cigarettes
Yichs Sign-X
Clubbed Canadian
Regal Clown
Old Grand-Mom Whiskey
Dirty Cell Battery
Arise Cream
Similecch Squid
Prowl Shampoo
Suspect Deodorant
Copperbone Lotion
Dr. Nest's Toothbrush
Real Garbage Candy
Seven Spies
Tipsy Roll Pop
Jungle Potion
Sufferin Coffee
Smartz Collar
Cracked Lighter
Fool Guard
Gillo Port