Topps Wacky Packages 3rd Series 1973
Topps Wacky Packages
3rd Series 1973

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  • Timeline: This series came out in late summer, early fall 1973.
  • Packs: Packs contain two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • Checklists/Puzzle: The flip side of the checklists form a Beanball Puzzle
  • The Titles: There are 30 titles in this series.
    • In the 1st and 2nd series Topps had used up all of their old images and so for the 3rd series had to create a whole new set of ideas.
  • Copyrights:
  • Variations and Pulled Titles:
  • Back Variations:
    • Tan: More than 99% of the 3rd series stickers are tan backs. Tans are the common version in Series 3.
    • White: Topps still had a very small quantity of white back sticker stock left over which they used up on the beginning of this series. This created the rare 3rd series white back stickers which is a difficult series to complete.
      • A large proportion of the 3rd whites were distributed in the Saint Louis area.
      • Spic and Span "blank lid" white back: For the longest time it was believed that there is no Spit and Spill white back without the "spic and span" logo on the box top.
        • However, at least one or two legitimate white back "blank lid" variations have since turned up.
        • This must be the rarest of all 1-16 cards, even rarer than the Bandache Red Ludlow.
  • The Boxes: This series started with a purple box with red packs, as in series 1 and 2, but early in the run they switched to a blue box and yellow packs.
  • Reprints: Most of the 3rd series titles were reprinted in other series.

3rd Series Checklist
Harm & Hammer Dr. Ono Choke King
Neveready Battery      Rice A Phony (sic) Rabid Shave
Crakola Crayons Sledge Motorzola
Busted-Finger Candy    No-Tips Drowny Softener                
Spit & Spill Cleanser ver.1  ver.2    Beanball Bubble Gum Sweat-Hard Soap
Koduck Photos Foolball Bubble Gum Lova Soap
Moonshine Crackers Hawaiian Punks Juice 1-A Sauce
Snatch-A-Pak Lucky Stride Cigarettes         Hurtz Bird Seed
Raw Leaves Cigarettes Hired Root Beer Argh
Fright Guard Hungry Jerk                  Windchester                 

Harm & Hammer
Neveready Battery
Crakola Crayons
Busted-Finger Candy
Spit & Spill Cleanser (Spic & Span lid)
Spit & Spill Cleanser (blank lid)
Koduck Photos
Moonshine Crackers
Raw Leaves Cigarettes
Fright Guard
Dr. Ono
Rice A Phoni
Beanball Bubble Gum
Foolball Bubble Gum
Hawaiian Punks Juice
Lucky Stride Cigarettes
Hired Root Beer
Hungry Jerk
Choke King 
Rabid Shave 
Drowny Softener
Sweat-Hard Soap 
Lova Soap 
1-A Sauce 
Hurtz Bird Seed