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3rd Series OPC
- 1973 -

  • This series was basically a Canadian reissue of the U.S. series 3rd Series Topps from 1973.
    • However there are only 24 titles, six titles from the U.S. 3rd series did not make it into the Canadian version.
    • We're not 100% sure this came out in 1973 and not 1974, there are no dates on the box, pack or stickers, or even code numbers that infer a date.
  • As in the U.S. 3rd Series, the stickers were released with both tan and white backs.
    • However unlike in the U.S. series, the tan backs are the rare variation in the OPC series.
      • In fact tan backs of this series are among the most difficult of all original Wacky Packs to find. The uncut sheet, which has never been seen, must have a large variation between the number of occurrences of the different titles. So, for example, Lova is not that hard to find, relatively speaking, while Sledge is nearly impossible to find.
  • There are two versions of the checklists.
    • The front of the checklists make up a Beanball Puzzle, as in the U.S. 3rd Series.
    • This puzzle is unique, however, in that it is the only puzzle from any original series that has black border.
  • We're not quite sure exactly what box was used for this series. It seems possible however that this box contained 3rd series OPC.
scan white back
scan tan back
Neveready Battery
Crakola Crayons
Busted-Finger Candy
Koduck Photos
Moonshine Crackers
Fright Guard
Raw Leaves Cigarettes
Rice A Phony
Beanball Bubble Gum
Foolball Bubble Gum
Hawaiian Punks Juice
Lucky Stride Cigarettes
Choke King
Rabid Shave
Drowny Softener
Sweat-Hard Soap
Lova Soap
1-A Sauce
Hurtz Bird Seed