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OPC Wacky Packages
4th Series OPC
- 1973 -

  • Timeline: We're not 100% sure this came out in 1973 and not 1974, there are no dates on the box, pack or stickers, or even code numbers that infer a date.
    • This series was basically a Canadian reissue of the 4th Series Topps issued in the U.S. in 1973.
    • There's reason to believe this series was actually the 2nd series released in Canada. In fact the checklists do not indicate any series while the blue boxes that are marked 2nd Series have always been found to contain 4th Series stickers.
  • The Titles: There are only 19 titles in this series, making this the smallest of all Wacky Pack sticker series.
  • The Sticker Backs: The stickers were released with tan backs only
  • The front of the checklists make up a Wormy Packages Puzzle, as in the U.S. 4th Series.
  • Packs: Both red and blue packs have been found.
  • Checklists/Puzzle: There are nine different checklists backs, which come together to form a Wormy Packages Puzzle.
  • Production Sheet: This is the only original OPC series to date for which the uncut sheet has been found.
    • Note the crazy skew in the distribution of stickers. Eight Wormy Packags, for example, while only two Brute 88's.
Milk Foam
Rinkled Wrap
Hyde's Rox Cookies
Wormy Packages
Grass Wax
Hipton Tea Bags
Armor Hot Dogs
Blue Beanie Margarine
Land O Quakes Butter
Bald Dtergent
Quake 'n Ache
Raw Goo Sauce
Chef Girl-ar-dee
Brute 88
Grazin' Bran
Taster's Choke
Escuire Foot Polish