The Wacky Packages Cram-Maggie Variation The Cram-Maggie: This sticker was named after the delphi user ID of the person who discovered it. From looking at the 5th series checklist (which has a missing title in the middle) and sheet (which has an extra Cram), it's clear some sticker was pulled and replaced by a second copy of Cram. What sticker was pulled was unknown until 2000 when it was hotly debated whether or not Nastee Crush was the title. The debate was pretty much laid to rest when "Maggie" noticed the die-cut shape on some Crams matched Nastee. It was later discovered that Maggie is really a dog. The person had used their dog's name as a user ID. So this Wacky Pack variation is named after a dog. The proper Latin term for this variation is the "Nastee-Cram" variation.
Any lingering doubts about whether Nastee was intended for the 5th series were dispelled when Topps auctioned a 5th series proof sheet on eBay with Nastee on it in January of 2003.


Interestingly the Cram-Maggie is the version which appears on the Hostess double wacky.