Topps Wacky Packages 6th Series 1974
Topps Wacky Packages
6th Series 1974

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  • Timeline: This series was released in Spring 1974
  • Packs: Packs have two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • Checklists/Puzzles:
    • The flip side of the checklists form a Mold Rush puzzle
    • There were two typos on the checklist, "Goonman's" was spelled "Goodman's" and "Spill's Bros." was written as "Spills Bad". This was fixed somewhere in the middle of the run, leading to two versions of the checklist. Neither version is considered rarer than the other.
  • The Titles: There are 33 titles.
  • The Box: At some point during production they replaced the first box with a second one that had the titles of Weakies and Quacker removed
    • The second one is tougher to find
  • Copyrights: There are three different copyrights among the 6th series stickers.
  • The Backs: All stickers in the 6th series are tan backs.
  • Pulled Titles: Two titles were pulled during production, Run-a-way Vitamins and Truant Cigarettes. But they were pulled rather late in production so are not particularly rare. It only became clear that they had been pulled when an uncut sheet without them showed up (compare to the sheet with them).
  • The Mystery Artist: In the 6th series we see the expanded use an artist who is clearly not Norm Saunders.


Mold Rush Gum
Piwi Blecch
Sugar Daffy
Run-A-Way Vitamins
Fruit of the Tomb
Truant Cigarettes
Play Dumb Clay
Sugar Cigar Crisp
Airraid Deodorant
Peter Pain Peanut Butter
Soft-Head Bulbs
Goonman's Looney Noodles
Monotony Spills Bros.
Baby Runt
Valveater Cheese
Snarlamint Cigarettes
My Sink Perfume
Cut-Rong Hacked Paper
Scare-Deal Notebook
What Man's Simple Candy
Jerkens Soap
Ditch Boy Paint
Spills Bros.
Clammy Soap
Broomo Seltzer
Virginia Slums
Footsie Roll
Bum Bums Candy