Topps Wacky Packages 7th Series 1974
Topps Wacky Packages
7th Series 1974

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* Dessert misspelled "Desert" on the checklist

Big Muc Hamburger
My-T-Fink Desert
Fibby's Juice
Gurgle Cereal
Hurtz Baked Bears
Slopicana Juice
Top Slob
Dums (For the Dummy)
Alpoo Dog Food
Hag & Hag Tobacco
Dimwit Sugar Dots
Mr. Goodbye Candy
Caged Dog Food
Big Banana Pen
Emptimo Cigars
Leek Oil Dripper
El Polluto Cigars
Soggy Babies Candy
Oh Hairy Candy Bar
Sorry Wrap
Feetena Cereal
Murial Bland Cigars
L'Oggs Panty Hose
Boozo Gum
Blank Crows
Grime Dog Food - Dusty
Grime Dog Food - Heavy  
Marshmallow Flopp
Creature Crackers
Blast Blew Ribbon Beer
Hurtz Tomato Ketchup
Mex-Pax Coffee