Wacky Packages 8th Series 2011 (ANS8)

Topps Wacky Packages
8th Series 2011 (ANS8)

Series 8 came out in 2011


Base Set and Variations
1Frite Loopsgreen puzzle TRBlackPinkSilverGold
2Hawaiian Punksgreen puzzle TMBlackPinkSilverGold
3Mr. Picassogreen puzzle TLBlackPinkSilverGold
4Dr. Pestergreen puzzle MRBlackPinkSilverGold
5Franken Burygreen puzzle MMBlackPinkSilverGold
6Skittish Fishgreen puzzle MLBlackPinkSilverGold
7Eelio's Electric Pizzagreen puzzle BRBlackPinkSilverGold
8Grenades and Hamgreen puzzle BMBlackPinkSilverGold
98-Upgreen puzzle BLBlackPinkSilverGold
10Can That's Dryblue puzzle BRBlackPinkSilverGold
11Chap Stinkblue puzzle MRBlackPinkSilverGold
12Hop Pocketsblue puzzle TRBlackPinkSilverGold
13Pop-apartsblue puzzle BMBlackPinkSilverGold
14RainyDblue puzzle MMBlackPinkSilverGold
15Punkin' Donutsblue puzzle TMBlackPinkSilverGold
16Showeradeblue puzzle BLBlackPinkSilverGold
17Tripicanablue puzzle MLBlackPinkSilverGold
18Ghoulfishblue puzzle TLBlackPinkSilverGold
19Jawson's Rabies Shampooblue puzzle TRBlackPinkSilverGold
20Tutino's Pizza Wrapsblue puzzle TMBlackPinkSilverGold
21Trivia Lawsuitblue puzzle TLBlackPinkSilverGold
22Frisk Me Airport Securityorange puzzle MRBlackPinkSilverGold
23Crooker Jackorange puzzle MMBlackPinkSilverGold
24Milk Dudesorange puzzle MLBlackPinkSilverGold
25Buzzerfingerorange puzzle BRBlackPinkSilverGold
26Chops Ahoy!orange puzzle BMBlackPinkSilverGold
27Plunder Breadorange puzzle BLBlackPinkSilverGold
29Dumpin' Donutsgreen complete puzzleBlackPinkSilverGold
30Savage Frothing Flakesblue complete puzzleBlackPinkSilverGold
31Rice Kreepiesorange complete puzzleBlackPinkSilverGold
33BallPoint Franksgreen complete puzzleBlackPinkSilverGold
34Sting Popblue complete puzzleBlackPinkSilverGold
35Flunkablesorange complete puzzleBlackPinkSilverGold
36Snob BallsDorkito's Drool RanchBlackPinkSilverGold
37Haggies Bat-fur DiapersBurnt Bees Lip BalmBlackPinkSilverGold
38Call of Doody Black OopsBoredom Vitamin Zzz MilkBlackPinkSilverGold
39SkunkAroosDitz CrackersBlackPinkSilverGold
40Almond JerkFlabrezeBlackPinkSilverGold
41Troll House NasteSmuggler's Stowaway JamBlackPinkSilverGold
42Livid-PlumrHandless PinkiesBlackPinkSilverGold
43Silly BangzHoney-Tomb CerealBlackPinkSilverGold
44SquintiesMiob Gangster CoffeeBlackPinkSilverGold
45Marhmallow BuffCounty Time LemonadeBlackPinkSilverGold
46MentoadsRaven BranBlackPinkSilverGold
47Puu Puu PetsSimian Toes CrunchBlackPinkSilverGold
48Rice a GroaniRuffledBlackPinkSilverGold
49AquafishTiny CatsBlackPinkSilverGold
50CurstHead & SmolderBlackPinkSilverGold
51Coca-CollarStuffer's PizzaBlackPinkSilverGold
52Chef Boy UR DumToupe' RamenBlackPinkSilverGold
53Con FlakesCrutch OrangeBlackPinkSilverGold
54Greed GiantRaglueBlackPinkSilverGold
55Clunky CharmsKissKatBlackPinkSilverGold


Bonus Cards

Pack to the Future Stickers (1:8 packs)

Wacky Packages Go to the Movies Stickers (1:3 packs)

Magnets (1:6 packs)

Motion Bag Tags (1:6 packs)

Sketch Cards (1:973 packs)

  • Tom Bunk
  • Neil Camera
  • Brent Engstrom
  • Mark Parisi
  • Joe Simko
  • Joe McWilliams
  • Colin Walton
  • Fred Wheaton
  • Jeff Zapata

Collector's Album

Many Thanks to Jeff Allender for generously sharing some of this info. And thanks to Steve Bailey for most of the scans; and Jeffrey Abish for scans of the golds.