Topps Wacky Packages 8th Series 1974
Topps Wacky Packages
8th Series 1974

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Knots Gelatine
Canadian Clod
Shot Tissue
Yubum Coffee
Daffy Baking Powder
Dr. Popper
Mop & Glop Cleaner
Lipoff Cup-a-Slop
Scorch Mouthwash
Hostile Thinkies
Cheep Detergent
Paid Killers
Hopeless Snow Balls
Biva Towel
Kentucky Fried Fingers
Choke-Up Toothpaste
STD Oil Shortage
Bone Ami 
Yicks Cough Drops
Kleenaxe Tissues
Ivery Snow
Smoocher's Jam
Scary Lee
Kong Fu Bubble Gum
Hardly Wrap