Wacky Packages Flashback Series 2008 Notes
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Flashback Series 2008 Notes
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Flashback Notes:

  • March 15th, 2008  This series has been extremely hot. It was printed in significantly lower quantity than the ANS series. ANS6 was printed with roughly 800,000 packs, flashback has exactly 587,520 packs. We believe this is because Wal Mart cut back significantly on their order compared to previous series. The factory sold out within days and the price on unopened material climbed extremely fast. Gold fever has gripped the community with people buying case after case and ripping through them for those golds. Unopened material will be in extremely short order very soon. It has been one month since the series came out and already about 300 golds have surfaced, they go between $150 and $250 right now, but prices may well go down or up, this is uncharted territory for wacky packages and nobody can say for sure what will happen. We are guessing that about 1/4 of the golds will turn up relatively soon, and probably more than half will never turn up, having been lost or peeled or buried in unopened pack collections. We are aware of two sets that are nearly built with less than three titles each to go, we expect between five to ten sets to be built over time. A consequence of people opening so much material is that in the short run there is a glut of everything except the golds. Though Lenticular, Green, Pink, and Silver sets are extremely hard to complete, people are dumping them now, they will dry up before too long. Similarly the base set has become extremely common, but keep in mind this whole series was short printed so eventually all Flashback material will dry up.

  • March 17th, 2008  We (wackypackages.org together with Matthew Stock) have finished the gold bordered set as of 5:15pm 3/17/08. I believe we are the first to do it, however three others are getting close.

  • March 18th, 2008  We have reports of a second gold set being finished by Jack Lockwood as of 12:30pm 3/18/08.

  • April 8th, 2008  Ebay auctions for gold stickers are down to about 15 auctions. A couple weeks ago there were over 40. They are going for under $100 now, but now it would be very difficult to build a set from scratch. We have no confirmation of there being more than the two sets built, but we believe there has been a third and we know one collector is at most two away from a fourth. The quest for gold has created a glut of all other items, it's definitely a buyer's market right now when it comes to the other border variations and lenticulars. But we know based on ANS1-6 how tough those sets are to build from packs, the lenticulars are twice as hard as any previous set. Previously the most difficult was the ANS6 foil set, which has been going for upwards of $70 since the series came out. But you can grab a cheap lenticular set for less even though it's twice as hard. The only reason is the glut surrounding the gold fever. But the flip side of this is that unopened flashback material is disappearing fast, being twice as expensive now as ANS6 boxes were a month after they were released.

  • April 14th, 2008  We have become aware that still only two complete gold sets exist, there are two collectors who are very close but they cannot find the last two. At least one of them needs Mex Pax and Slopicana.
  • December 22nd, 2008  At this point we know of at least five gold sets that have been completed. We know of seven collectors who have legitimately built sets or near sets. There is no longer a great supply of flashback golds or unopened materials, it would be very difficult to assemble a set of golds at this point. There was one highly suspect set that hit the market that in our opinion must have walked out from the printer, most likely by an employee, and from what we hear only an executive or some higher up could pull such a thing off. We will post more information about this dubious set shortly. Fortunately only one such set has colme to light, hopefully there are not more.