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Die-Cuts      1967/68                13th series      1975
Wacky Ads 1969 14th series 1975
1st series 1973 15th series 1975
2nd series 1973 16th series 1976/7
3rd series 1973 Posters 1973/4
4th series 1973 1979 rerun series 1979/74
5th series 1973 Can Labels 1980
6th series 1974 1982 Album Series 1982
7th series 1974 1985 Series      1985
8th series 1974 Irish Series 1985
9th series 1974 1991 Series 1991
10th series 1974 2004 1st Series 2004
11th series 1974 2005 2nd Series 2005
12th series 1974 2005/6 3rd Series 2005/6

Die Cuts (the titles that were not repeated in the 1st series)
Alcohol Seltzer (Alka-Seltzer)
Boredom's (Borden's)
Campy Soup (Campbell's)
Coronation (Carnation)
Cracked Jerk (Cracker Jack)
Cracked Animals (Barnum's Animal Crackers)
De-Mented Tomatoes (Del Monte)
Fearstone (Firestone)
Jolly Mean Giant (Green Giant)
Moron Salt (Morton Salt)
Muller Beer (Miller)
Ratz Crackers (Ritz)
Schmutz Beer (Schlitz)
Slum Maid (Sun Maid)
Wacky Ads (the titles that were not repeated in the 2nd series)
Melty Way (Milky Way)
Metrekill Diet Drink (Metrecal)     
Guerrilla Milk (Gorilla Milk)
Good and Empty (Good and Plenty)
Sludgsickle (Fudgesickle)
Garbage Baby Food (Gerber)
1st Series
6-Up Beverage (7 Up)
Band-Ache Strips (Band-Aid)
Breadcrust Hash (Broadcast)
Camals (Camel)
Chock Full O' Bolts (Chock Full O' Nuts)
Cover Ghoul (Cover Girl)
Crust Tooth Paste (Crest)
Dopey Cream (Lucky Whip)
Duzn't Detergent (Duz)
Fink Beverage (Wink)
Gadzooka Gum (Bazooka)
Grave Train (Gravy Train)
Horrid Deodorant (Arrid)
Hostage Cakes (Hostess)
Jail-O Dessert (Jell-O)
Kook-Aid (Kool-Aid)
Lavirus (Lavoris)
Liptorn Soup (Lipton)
Maddie Boy (Laddie Boy)
Minute Lice (Minute Rice)
Mrs. Klean (Mr. Clean)
Mutt's Juice (Mott's)
Paul Maul (Pall Mall)
Pure Hex (Purex)
Quacker Oats (Quaker Oats)
Skimpy (Skippy)
Spray Nit (Spray Net)
Tied Detergent (Tide)
Vicejoy Cigarettes (Viceroy)
Weakies Breakfast Cereal (Wheaties)
2nd Series
8-Lives Tuna Bones (9-Lives)
Ajerx (Ajax)
All-Brain Cereal (All-Bran)
Awful Bits (Alpha-Bits)
Blecch Shampoo (Breck)
Blunder Bread (Wonder Bread)
Boo-Hoo Drink (Yoo-Hoo)
Botch Tape (Scotch Tape)
Brittle Soap Pads (Brillo Pads)
Cap'n Crud (Cap'n Crunch)
Chicken Fat Detergent (Fab)
Commie Cleanser (Comet)
Ditch Masters (Dutch Masters)
Dull Pineapple (Dole)
Exceedrin (Excedrin)
Fish-Bone Dressing (Wish-Bone)
Gloom (Gleem)
Gurgle Baby Food (Gerber)
Gyppy Pop Corn (Jiffy Pop)
Hurts Tomatoes (Hunt's)
Kook Cigarettes (Kool)
Log Cave-In Syrup (Log Cabin)
Minute Mud (Minute Maid)
Nertz (Certs)
Plastered Peanuts (Planters)
Poopsie (Pepsi)
Putrid Cat Chow (Purina)
Run Tony Shells (Ronzoni)
Sailem (Salem)
Schtick Blades (Schick)
Sugarmess Bubble Gum (Bazooka Sugarless)
Ultra Blight (Ultra Brite)
Vile Soap (Dial)
3rd Series
1.A. Sauce (A.1. Sauce)
Argh (Argo Corn Starch)
Beanball Bubble Gum (Topps Baseball Cards)
Busted-Finger Candy (Butterfinger)
Choke King (Chun King)
Crakola Crayons (Crayola)
Dr. Ono (Drano)
Drowny Softener (Downy)
Foolball Bubble Gum (Topps Pro Football)
Fright Guard (Gillette Right Guard)
Harm & Hammer (Arm & Hammer)
Hawaiian Punks Juice (Hawaiian Punch)
Hired Root Beer (Hires)
Hungry Jerk (Hungry Jack)
Hurtz Bird Seed (Hartz)
Koduck Photos (Kodak)
Lova Soap (Lava)
Lucky Stride Cigarettes (Lucky Strike)
Moonshine Crackers (Sunshine Cheez-It)
Motorzola (Mazola)
Neveready Battery (Eveready)
No-Tips (Q-Tips)
Rabid Shave (Rapid Shave)
Raw Leaves Cigarettes (Raleigh)
Rice A Phoni (Rice A Roni)
Sledge (Pledge)
Snatch-A-Pak (Snack Pak)
Spit & Spill Cleanser (Spic and Span)
Sweat-Hard Soap (SweetHeart Soap)
Windchester (Winchester Little Cigars)
4th Series
Armor Hot Dogs (Armour)
Bald Detergent (Bold)
Bent Cigarettes (Kent)
Blue Beanie Margarine (Blue Bonnet)
Brute 88 (Brut 33)
Bum Chex (Wheat Chex)
Cheapios (Cheerios)
Chef Girl-ar-dee (Chef-boy-ar-dee)
Choke Wagon (Chuck Wagon)
Dampers (Pampers)
Escuire Foot Polish (Esquire Boot Polish)
Fang (Tang)
Freetoes (Fritos)
Gatoraid (Gatorade)
Grass Wax (Glass Wax)
Grazin' Bran (Raisin Bran)
Heave Cigarettes (Eve)
Hipton Tea Bags (Lipton)
Hyde's Rox Cookies (Hydrox)
Land O Quakes Butter (Land O Lakes)
Liquid Bomber (Liquid-Plumr)
Mess Clairoil (Miss Clairol)
Milk-Foam (Milk-Bone)
Mustard Charge (Master Charge)
Nestree (Nestea)
Nutlee's Quit (Nestle Quik)
Quake 'n Ache (Shake 'N Bake)
Raw Goo Sauce (Ragu)
Rinkled Wrap (Reynolds Wrap)
Taster's Choke (Taster's Choice)
Windhex (Windex)
Wormy Packages (Wacky Packages)
5th Series
Achoo (Accent)
Sludge (Betty Crooked) (Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix)
Big Baddy (Big Buddy)
Chumps Candy (Charms)
Clank Bar (Clark)
Cover Ghoul (Cover Girl)
Cram (Spam)
Fatina Cereal (Farina)
Glutton Mustard (Gulden's)
Graft Cheese (Kraft)
Ha Ha Crackers (Hi Ho Crackers)
Head and Boulders (Head & Shoulders)
Hungry Jerk (Hungry Jack Biscuits)
Knuckles Candy (Chuckles)
Krazy Crackers (Krispy)
Light and Dizzy Yoga (Light 'n Lively Yogurt)
Moobeline (Maybelline)
Muleburro Cigarettes (Marlboro)
Old Spit Cologne (Old Spice)
Plopsikle (Popsicle)
Pounds Candy (Mounds)
Secrets (Sucrets)
Shots Candy (Dots)
Shot Wheels (Hot Wheels)
Sicken of the Sea (Chicken of the Sea)
Slaytex Gloves (Playtex)
Smith Sisters (Smith Brothers)
Stiffords Glue (Stafford's)
Swiss Mess Cocoa (Swiss Miss)
Tijuana Smells (Tijuana Smalls)
Triks Cereal (Trix)
White Fowl Cigars (White Owl)
6th Series
Airraid Deodorant (Arrid)
Baby Runt (Baby Ruth)
Bar-Kist (Star-Kist)
Bit-O-Money (Bit-O-Honey)
Blisterine (Listerine)
Broomo Seltzer (Bromo-Seltzer)
Bum Bums Candy (Dum Dums)
Clammy Soap (Camay)
Cut-Rong Hacked Paper (Cut-Rite Waxed Paper)
Ditch Boy Paint (Dutch Boy)
Eviltime (Ovaltine)
Footsie Roll (Tootsie Roll)
Fruit of the Tomb (Fruit of the Loom)
Goonman's Looney Noodles (Goodman's)
Jerkens Soap (Jergens)
Mold Rush Gum (Gold Rush)
Monotony (Monopoly)
My Sink Perfume (My Sin)
Peter Pain Peanut Butter (Peter Pan)
Piwi Blecch (Kiwi Black)
Play Dumb Clay (Play-Doh)
Run-A-Way Vitamins (One A Day)
Scare-Deal Notebook (Square Deal)
Snarlamint Cigarettes (Parliament)
Sneer (Cheer)
Soft-Head Bulbs (General Electric Soft-White Bulbs)
Spills Bros. (Hills Bros.)
Sugar Cigar Crisp (Super Sugar Crisp)
Sugar Daffy (Sugar Daddy)
Truant Cigarettes (True)
Valveater Cheese (Velveeta)
Virginia Slums (Virginia Slims)
What Man's Simple Candy (Whitman's Sampler)
7th Series
Alpoo Dog Food (Alpo)
Big Banana Pen (Bic Banana)
Big Muc Hamburger (Big Mac)
Blank Crows (Black Crows)
Blast Blew Ribbon Beer (Pabst Blue Ribbon)
Boozo Gum (Bozo)
Caged Dog Food (Cadet)
Contrac (Contac)
Creature Crackers (Sunshine Animal Crackers)
Dimwit Sugar Dots (Domino Diet Dots)
Dums (For the Dummy) (Tums)
El Polluto Cigars (El Producto)
Emptimo Cigars (Optimo)
Feetena Cereal (Wheatena)
Fibby's Juice (Libby's)
Grime Dog Food (Prime)
Gurgles Cereal (Gerber Barley Cereal)
Hag & Hag Tobacco (Half and Half)
Hurtz Baked Bears (Heinz Baked Beans)
Hurtz Tomato Ketchup (Heinz Ketchup)
Leek Oil Dripper (Lee Oil Filter)
L'oggs Panty Hose (L'eggs)
Marshmallow Flopp (Marshmallow Fluff)
Medi-Quak (Medi-Quik)
Mex-Pax Coffee (Max-Pax)
Mr. Goodbye Candy (Mr. Goodbar)
Murial Blands Cigars (Muriel Blends)
My-T-Fink Desert (My-T-Fine)
Oh Hairy Candy Bar (Oh Henry)
Slopicana Juice (Tropicana)
Soggy Babies Candy (Sugar Babies)
Sorry Wrap (Saran Wrap)
Top Slob Cleanser (Top Job)
8th Series
Bam (Pam)
Biva Towels (Viva)
Bone Ami (Bon Ami)
Burpsi-Cola (Pepsi-Cola)
Canadian Clod (Canadian Club)
Cheep Detergent (Cheer)
Choke-Up Toothpaste (Close-Up)
Daffy Baking Powder (Davis)
Dr. Popper (Dr. Pepper)
Hardly Wrap (Handi-Wrap)
Hex-Lax (Ex-Lax)
Hopeless Snow Balls (Hostess Snoballs)
Hostile Thinkies (Hostess Twinkies)
Ivery Snow (Ivory Snow)
Kentucky Fried Fingers (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
Kleenaxe Tissues (Kleenex)
Knots Gelatine (Knox)
Kong Fu Bubble Gum (Kung Fu)
Lipoff Cup-a-Slop (Lipton Cup-A-Soup)
Mop & Glop Cleaner (Mop & Glo)
Paid Killers (Raid)
Rolaches (Rolaids)
Scary Lee (Sara Lee)
Scorch Mouthwash (Scope)
Shot Tissue (ScotTissue)
Smoocher's Jam (Smucker's)
STD Oil Shortage (STP Oil Treatment)
Suffertone (Coppertone)
Yicks Cough Drops (Vicks)
Yubum Coffee (Yuban)
9th Series
3 Mosquitoes (3 Musketeers)
6-Urp (7 Up)
Bear Aspirin (Bayer)
Belch's Grape Jelly (Welch's)
Cents (Certs)
Czechlets (Chiclets)
DeLinquent Spinach (Del Monte)
Ducko Cement (Duco)
Easy Cough Cleaner (Easy-Off)
Foolite (Woolite)
GI Toe (GI Joe)
Goon's Farm Wine (Boone's Farm)
Heartburn Cereal (Heartland)
Hookey Bubble Gum (Hockey)
Ivy Soap (Ivory)
Jerky Fruits (Jujyfruits)
Kick A Man Sauce (Kikkoman)
Killy Putty (Silly Putty)
Messy Marker (Magic Marker)
Moscow Syrup (Bosco)
Mrs. Small's Fish (Mrs. Paul's)
Paper Wate Pen (Paper Mate)
Pigpen Oil (3-In-One)
Raggedy Ant Doll (Raggedy Ann)
Shake and Skip Ink (Scheaffer's Skrip)
Squabble Word Game (Scrabble)
Stickers (Snickers)
Taxim (Maxim)
Windstun (Winston)
10th Series
Badzooka Gum (Bazooka)
Bigtumi Spaghetti Sauce (Buitoni)
Bum Baked Beans (B&M Baked Beans)
Casket Soap (Cascade)
Caraid Bandages (Curad)
Clunky Candy (Chunky)
Coffin-Mate (Coffee-Mate)
Diet Frite Cola (Diet Rite)
Fishey-Prize Toys (Fisher-Price)
Greaseline (Vaseline)
Hairy Lee Cake (Sara Lee)
Heavy Trash Bags (Hefty)
Life Servers Candy (LifeSavers)
Lox Soap (Lux)
Milk of Amnesia (Phillips' Milk of Magnesia)
Mold Power (Cold Power)
Mountain Goo (Mountain Dew)
Nutt's Apple Sauce (Mott's)
Oscar Moron Bacon (Oscar Mayer)
Painters Peanuts (Planters Mixed Nuts)
Pepto-Dismal (Pepto-Bismol)
Pooped Ridge Farms (Pepperidge Farm)
Pupsi-Cola (Pepsi-Cola)
Ruden's Cough Drops (Luden's)
Scary Jane Candy (Mary Jane)
Stove Glop (Stove Top)
Sunsweat Prune Juice (Sunsweet)
Tic-Toc Candy (Tic Tac)
Under World Ham (Underwood)
Uncle Bum's Rice (Uncle Ben's)
11th Series
61 Magazine (16)
Alpain Cereal (Alpen)
Bash Detergent (Dash)
Bird Brain Leftovers (Bird's Eye)
Chaffed & Sunburn Coffee (Chase & Sanborn)
Chimpanzee Spark Plug (Champion)
Comit Cleanser (Comet)
Cult 45 (Colt 45)
Decay Toothpaste (None)
Dizzie Cups (Dixie)
Easy Cuss-words (Easy Cross-words)
Family Circuit (Family Circle)
FIB Deterrent (Fab)
Gulp Oil (Gulf)
King O'Scare Sardines (King Oscar)
Moron Chicken Dinner (Morton)
Mr. Bog Wet Bread (Mr. Big)
Mud (Mad)
Muler's Dregg Noodles (Mueller's Egg Noodles)
National Geografink (National Geographic)
Planet of the Grapes (Planet of the Apes)
Progreaso Sauce (Progresso)
Saparin Coffee (Savarin)
Saturday Evening Ghost (Saturday Evening Post)
Seventon (Seventeen)
Sleepy (Creepy)
Stinkertoy (Tinkertoy)
Swiss Fright Cheese (Swiss Knight)
TV Garbage (TV Guide)
Unpopular Mechanics (Popular Mechanics)
12th Series
Aquax Cleanser (Ajax)
Battle Caps (Bottle Caps)
Barman Barroom Tissue (Charmin)
Brandy Land Game (Candy Land)
Buz Detergent (Biz)
Creep Toothpaste (Crest)
Duck and Hide (Duncan Hines)
Dud Laundry Soap (Duz)
Dud's Boot Beer (Dad's Root Beer)
Flare Pen (Flair)
Hav-A-Temper Cigars (Hav-A-Tampa)
Killette Hair Spray (Gillette - The Dry Look)
Martian Hats (Mexican Hats)
Milk Muds Candy (Milk Duds)
Mr. Mean (Mr. Clean)
Paydough Candy (PayDay)
Pieces Candy (Reese's)
Pollydent (Polident)
Robot Burns Cigars (Robt. Burns)
Shock Dispenser (Schick)
Siesta Crackers (Zesta)
Sootball Bubble Gum (Football)
Stingline Staple Gun (Swingline)
Toad Bubble Bath (Tide)
Wash 'n Fly (Wash 'n Dri)
Weak Germ (Kretschmer Wheat Germ)
Wrecko Candy (Necco)
13th Series
Ale Detergent (All)
Ape Green Beans (A&P)
Bathless Ribbons (Baskin Robbins)
Battle Ball (Paddle Ball)
Beastball Bubble Gum (Baseball Cards)
Brain Power (Drain Power)
Bug Wally (Big Wally)
Bum's Life Magazine (Boys' Life)
Crocked Magazine (Cracked)
Doomed Matches (Diamond)
Don't-Touch-Mee Tea (Swee-Touch-Nee)
Doesn't Delight Cocktail (Diet Delight)
Drainola Cereal (Granola)
Dumb and Crazy Salt (Diamond Crystal)
Hazel Mishap Lipstuck (Hazel Bishop)
Icicle Playing Cards (Bicycle)
Jerk in Jail Magazine (Jack and Jill)
Le Rage's (Le Page's)
National Spittoon Mag. (National Lampoon)
Nooseweek Magazine (Newsweek)
Playskull (Playskool)
Rowdy Gelatine (Royal)
Scream Sicle (Creamsicle
Screech Tape (Scotch)
Shorts Illustrated Mag. (Sports Illustrated)
Shrunken Donuts (Dunkin' Donuts)
Sneezer Dressing (Pfeiffer Caesar)
Sore Deodorant (Sure)
Umbrella Magazine (Vampirella)
Windaxe (Windex)
14th Series
Ain't Toothpaste (Aim)
Balding Football (Spalding)
Battletime Beer (Ballantine)
Canquit Chicken Pie (Banquet)
Duxie Cups (Dixie Cups)
Fanatical and Sickly Fiction (Fantasy and Science Fiction)
Fearasil (Clearasil)
Flunk Mushmallow (Marshmallow Fluff)
Gadzooka Bubble Gum (Bazooka Sugarless)
Hippy Trash Bags (Hefty)
Irish Ring Soap (Irish Spring)
IOU Magazine (Oui)
Messquire Magazine (Esquire)
Moldy Bride Magazine (Modern Bride)
Mrs. Poles Sticks (Mrs. Paul's)
Nose-X Tissue (Kleenex)
Oscar the Mayor Baloney (Oscar Mayer)
Playbug Magazine (Playboy)
Polarbearoid Film (Polaroid)
Promesso Sauce (Progresso)
Rebell Jet (Revell)
Rotsa Root Candy (Lotsa Loot)
Satan Wrap (Saran Wrap)
Sealve Thins (Silva Thins)
Sell'em Cigarettes (Salem)
Slayer Aspirin (Bayer)
Snort Magazine (Sport)
Taffy Cat Food (Tabby)
Totarillo Cigars (Tiparillo)
Weakinson Blades (Wilkinson)
15th Series
Bandage Cigarettes (Vantage)
Bawl Park Franks (Ball Park)
Bloodweiser (Budweiser)
Blurine (Murine)
Bum and Mabel (Rum and Maple)
Catgobite Detergent (Calgonite)
Cheap Stick (Chap Stick)
Dynamites (Dynamints)
Earth Barn Shampoo (Earth Born)
Electric Slave (Lectric Shave)
Famous Mobster's (Famous Monsters of Filmland)
Fang Edward (King Edward)
Gums (Jaws)
Hack's Cough Drops (Halls)
Hamel Cigarettes (Camel)
Iron-ons (Far Out)
Jean Nutty Bubbles (Jean Nate)
Jerkitol (Geritol)
Mare Cigarettes (More)
Mashbox Toys (Matchbox)
Moron Beef Pot Pie (Morton)
Petley Flea Bags (Tetley)
Pound's Cream (Ponds)
Shingle's Plaster Chips (Pringle's)
Slam Jim Snacks (Slim Jim)
Slayskool (Playskool)
Smell Motor Oil (Shell X-100)
Sore Mel Chili (Hormel)
Ultra Sheep Shampoo (Ultra Sheen)
View Monster (View-Master)
16th Series
Arise Cream (Rise)
Bleed's Candy (Reed's)
Clubbed Canadian (Canadian Club)
Copperbone Lotion (Coppertone)
Cracked Lighter (Cricket)
Dirty Cell Battery (Duracell)
Dr. Nest's Toothbrush (Dr. West's)
Earth Bum Shampoo (Earth Born)
Fling 'Ems Candy (Flip 'ems)
Floral Cigarettes (Doral)
Fool Guard (Foot Guard)
Ghoul Humor (Good Humor)
Gillo Port (Gallo)
Horsey Feed Bags (Hefty)
Jungle Potion (Jergens Lotion)
Krummies Diapers (Kimbies)
Old Grand-Mom Whiskey (Old Grand-Dad)
Prowl Shampoo (Prell)
Ram-a-liar Syrup (Romilar Cough Syrup)
Real Garbage Candy (Garbage Candy)
Regal Clown (Regal Crown Cherry Sours)
Scoot Mouthwash (Scope)
Seven Spies (Seven Seas Russian Dressing)
Similecch Squid (Similac Liquid)
Smartz Collar (Hartz)
Sucker Twin (Sugar Twin)
Sufferin Coffee (Savarin)
Suspect Deodorant (Secret)
Tipsy Roll Pop (Tootsie Roll Pop)
Yichs Sign-X (Vicks Sinex)
Posters (those that were not issued as stickers)
Toadal (Total Cereal)
Wacky Garbage (Wacky Packages)
1979 rerun 1st Series - one new title
Ice Krunkles (Post Frosted Rice Krinkles)
Can Labels
Dr Peeper (Dr Pepper)
Forger's (Folgers)
Smellette Foney Shaving Cream (Gillette Foamy)
Pro-Grossout (Progresso)
Libber's Peas (Libby's Peas)
Tropicanine (Tropicana)
Aquax (Ajax) (repeat from the 12th series)
Coma (Comet)
Hawaiian Punks (Hawaiian Punch)
Pigs Blue Ribbon (Pabst Blue Ribbon)
A'cent (Accent)
White Duck Pond Water (White Rock Soda)
1982 Album Series - five new titles
Crookie Crisp Cereal (Cookie Crisp)
Dinky Gonuts Cereal (Dinky Donuts)
Laffelos Cereal (Waffelos)
Schnozmopolitan Magazine (Cosmopolitan)
Whale-O's Cereal (Blueberry Waffelos)
1985 Series
Aqua-Flush Toothpaste (Aqua Fresh)
Bananacin (Anacin)
Batzooka Bubble Gum (Bazooka)
Beak Shaver (Bic)
Beastball Bubble Gum Cards (Baseball)
Bla Yogurt (La Yogurt)
Burger Thing (Burger King)
Cannon Yogurt (Dannon)
Chimpwich Ice Cream (Chipwich Ice Cream)
Chock Full O'Guts (Chock Full of Nuts)
Dr. Pooper (Dr. Pepper)
Everdeady Battery (Eveready)
Frisk (Whisk Detergent)
G.I. Toe (G.I. Joe)
Ghost Soap (Coast Soap)
Go Bums (Go Bots)
Grave Cat Food (Crave Cat Food)
Greaser's Pieces (Reese's Pieces)
Hamel Cigarettes (Camel Cigarettes)
Hottest Coal Cakes (Hostess Cup Cakes)
Itch'N Chaps Cookies (C.C. Rich'N Chips Cookies)
Kid Kud (Kit Kat)
Lazy Goo (Crazy Glue)
Loafing Cow Cheese (Laughing Cow)
Lumps Diapers (Luv's Diapers)
Mr. Clown (Mr Clean)
Mr. Pig Tissue (Mr. Big Tissue)
Mr. Stubble (Mr Bubble)
Muggies (Huggies)
National Retirer (National Inquirer)
Peter Panic Peanut Butter (Peter Pan)
Pimple Magazine (People Magazine)
Pupto-Dismal (Pepto-Bismal)
Putritan Oil (Puritan Oil)
Reaganets (Raisinettes)
Red Hoss Salt (Red Cross Salt)
Snoot Powder (Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder)
Soapy Washman (Sony Walkman)
Stinky (Slinky)
T.V. Ghoul (T.V. Guide)
Terrier Water (Perrier)
Tobacco Juice (Tabasco Sauce)
Velaphants (Velamints)
Waffle Ball (Whiffle Ball)
Irish Series (new titles only)
Android Bath Tissue (Andrex Bathroom Tissue)
Chump Dog Food (Pedigree Chum Dog Food)
Doglon Dog Paint (Dulux Paint)
Downhill Cigarettes (Dunhill Cigarettes)
Evlitime (Ovaltine)
Fisto Gravy (Bisto for Gravy)
Hate & Kill Sugar (Tate + Lyle Sugar)
Kick Kat (Kit Kat)
Long Line Beer (Long Life Beer)
Nurd's Custard (Bird's Custard)
Stuck Margarine (Stork Margarine)
Tie Boot Tea (Typhoo Tea)
Whiskeys (Whiskas Cat Food)
1991 Series
American Distress (American Express)
Badzooka (Bazooka Gum)
Bambo (Bambi) (Rambo: First Blood Part II)
Barf Wimpson (Bart Simpson)
Barf's (Barq's Root Beer)
Barfield (Garfield)
Boozco (Bosco)
Char Boy (Chore Boy)
Coorpse Light (Coors light)
Cup O'Poodles (Cup O'Noodles)
Donkey Nose Pizza (Dominos Pizza)
Draft Keggs (Leggs)
Drunken Donuts (Dunkin' Donuts)
Duck Bar (Dove Bar)
Extraterrestrial Sieze'Ems (Celestial Seasonings)
Famished Amish (Famous Amos Cookies)
Fatman (Batman)
Flea-Wee Vermin (Pee-Wee's Funhouse)
Gross Blisters (Ghost Busters)
Hidden Vally Stench (Original Ranch Dressing)
Hobo Cop (RoboCop)
Kitty Zitter (Kitty Litter)
Little Dead Kitten (The Shy Little Kitten)
Mentals (Mentos)
Microbe Machine (MicroMachine)
Mrs. Blubberworth's (Mrs. Butterworths)
Mummorex (Memorex)
Newpork (Newport Cigarettes)
Nude Kids on the Block (New Kids on the Block)
Old El Gaso (Old El Paso)
Oldage Mutant Nasty Turkeys (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Dead Fish (Dr. Seuss - One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)
Pego (Lego)
Pigtionary (Pictionary)
Pit Milk (PET)
Popps Magazine (Topps Magazine)
Prez (Pez Dispenser)
Reekboks (Reebok)
Retch A Sketch (Etch-a-sketch)
Saneball (Madballs)
Scrawny (Brawny)
Scumby (Gumby)
Sick Tracy (Dick Tracy)
Snakes (Carnival Straws)
Snot 'N Blow (Sweet and Low)
Squelch's Ape Juice (Welch's Grape Juice)
Stupid Moron Bros. (Super Mario 2)
Tattoo Skins (Tato Skins)
The Babysplitters Club (Baby Sitter's Club)
The Rat in the Cat (The Cat in the Hat)
Tragedy Ann (Raggedy Ann)
Trucker's Strawberry Traffic Jam (Smucker's Strawberry Jam)
Vlad Bags (Glad Trash Bags)
Wheel of Torture (Wheel of Fortune)
Yuppie Chow (Puppy Chow)
Zenergizer (Energizer)
2004 1st Series
La Chew (La Choy Chicken Chow Mein)
Scrapple (Snapple)
Cold Fish (Gold Fish Crackers)
Chimps Ahoy (Chips Ahoy)
Sludge Shoppe (Keebler Fudge Shoppe Deluxe Grahams)
Foot Gushers (Fruit Gushers)
Go-Dirt (Yoplait Go-Gurt)
Chimp Stick (Chap Stick)
Hairy Patter (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)
Gutterade (Gatorade)
Spittles (Skittles)
Batz (Bratz basic Yasmin Doll)
Gravestones (Flintstones Vitamins)
Mr. Coffin (Mr. Coffee)
Lame Boy (Game Boy)
Frosted Snakes (Frosted Flakes)
Macaroni for Geese (Macaroni and Cheese)
Fright Castle (White Castle)
Dork (York Peppermint Patty)
Mean Cuisine (Lean Cuisine)
Zit Cat (Kit Kat)
Slop Tarts (Pop Tarts)
Peter Panhandle (Peter Pan Peanut Butter)
Struggle (Snuggle)
Who Cares Bears? (Care Bears)
Obit (Orbit)
Nutti-Brain (Nutri-Grain)
Tix (Trix)
Baby Poop (Baby Bottle Pop)
Bling Pup (Ring Pop)
Sneez-it (Cheez-it)
Error (Era Detergent)
Gearios (Cheerios)
Choperation (Operation)
Martha Skewered (Martha Stewart Magazine)
Sneakers (Snickers)
Pus Pop (Push Pop)
Grand Theft Audio (Grand Theft Auto Vice City)
Antenmann's (Entenmann's)
Aquaflush (Aquafresh)
Lice Cakes (Chico-San Rice Cakes)
My Little Phony (My Little Pony Pinkie Pie)
Nuttin' Butta (Nabisco Nutter Butter)
Smellios (Ellio's Pizza)
Foolgers (Folgers Coffee)
Dead Bull (Red Bull Energy Drink)
Sludgesicle (Fudgesicle)
Sicken McSluggets (Chicken McNuggets)
Anvil (Advil)
Welts (Welch's Grape Jelly)
Gormel (Hormel)
Clodlike (Klondike Bar)
Scarburst (Starburst)
Sslips (Ssips)
Snots (Dots)
Asteroids (Altoids)
Coach Motel (Black Flag Roach Motel)
2005 2nd Series
Goodbye Kitty (Hello Kitty)
Durasmell (Duracell)
Blisterine (Listerine)
Stiffer Duster (Swiffer Duster)
Organspray (Ocean Spray)
Buzzooka (Bazooka)
Fool Iced Tea (Cool)
Tired (Tide)
Jailette (Gillette)
Starducks (Starbucks)
Count Funkula (Count Chocula)
Salmon Joy (Almond Joy)
Thefty (Hefty)
Snoritos (Doritos)
Bandaging for Mummies (For Dummies)
Slobway (Subway)
Nothin's (Nathan's)
Fed Up (Fed Ex)
Hurtsey's Kissers (Hershey Kisses)
krispy kreme (Krusty Krumbs)
Sweatin' Fish (Swedish Fish)
Rat Chow (Cat Chow)
S'pores (S'mores)
Castro (Castrol)
Bling Dings (Ring Dings)
Aquafinal (Aquafina)
Alberto's BO5 (Alberto VO5)
Mrs. Rash (Mrs. Dash)
Orangutina (Orangina)
Final Step (Fresh Step)
Chokin' in the Sea (Chicken of the Sea)
Senior Mints (Junior Mints)
Pig Newtons (Fig Newtons)
Punchables (Lunchables)
Top Secret (Pop Secret)
Old Metal Files (Gold Medal)
Creeps (Peeps)
Liceol (Lysol)
Hounz Ketchup (Heinz)
U8 Trash (V8 Splash)
Queerasil (Clearasil)
Soggy Bottom Wet Pants (Sponge Bob Square Pants Doll)
Blister (Twister)
Koff! (Off!)
Dims (Sims)
Epoxy (Oxy)
Little Geezer's (Little Caesar's)
Ghoul Whip (Cool Whip)
Gums (Tums)
Headhunter Helper (Hamburger Helper)
Minnow Maid (Minute Maid)
Skunkist (Sunkist)
Hairy Combs (Honey Combs)
Unlucky Charms (Lucky Charms)
Cheapos (Cheetos)
Easy Burn (Easy Bake Oven)
Plop on Pop (Hop on Pop)
Chairman (Charmin)
Done In (Dannon)
Snout (Shout)


Many thanks to John Mann for running the contest to help determine all of the real products.
Many thanks to Pete Boulay, John Frick, and Nora Preece for providing scans of the actual products.
Many thanks to John Kosturik for editing the HTML for the 2004 items.