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This piece was intended for the 5th series but was pulled before the series was even released. No piece replaced it, another Cram was used to fill the space on the sheet, which accounts for the two different die-cuts that can be found on Cram stickers: The Nastee die-cut was not changed and does not quite match the Cram (this variation known as the Cram-Maggie because of the delphi ID of the person who first pointed it out). On the 5th series checklist a blank space was introduced where Nastee should have been. This piece was sold in the Guernsey auction, however it was not figured out that it belonged in the 5th series until early 2000 when Roxanne Toser, the original buyer, sold it in another auction in January 2000. The new owner (who has requested anonymity) figured it out, and fought quite hard to convince the skeptical community, but eventually the community came around (the discovery of the Cram-maggie die-cut variation was the final proof that brought most everybody around to the 5th series theory). To everybody's delight, Topps auctioned a 5th series proof sheet with Nastee on it on eBay in January of 2003.