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Wacky Packages 4th Series 2006 Real Products

Scans of the remaining actual products coming soon, please check back

1. Creature Barrel (Cracker Barrel)
2. Orca Seltzer (Alka Seltzer)
3. Gooby Snacks (Scooby Snacks)
4. Spaz (Spam)
5. Viper Rub (Vicks Vapor Rub)
6. Mountain Duo (Mountain Dew)
7. Snake Wells (Snack Wells)
8. Pupsodent (Pepsodent)
9. Jip (Jif)
10. Cannibals (Campbells Soup)
11. Mallomartians (Malllomars)
12. Skin Bruiser (Skin Bracer)
13. Mrs. Fiends (Mrs. Fields)
14. Baby Tooth (Baby Ruth)
15. The Da Vinci Cold (The Da Vinci Code)
16. Cheese Poodles (Cheese Doodles)
17. MuttRageous (Nutrageous)
18. Twigglers (Twizzlers)
19. Mr. Potato Dead (Mr. Potato Head)
20. Pay-Doh (Play Doh)
21. Frosted Shredded Feet (Frosted Shredded Wheat)
22. Boreo (Oreo)
23. Misery Date (Mystery Date)
24. Hoggin' Dogz (Haagen Dazs)
25. Mud (Mug)
26. Frogresso (Progresso)
27. Geek Giant (Green Giant)
28. Elder's Glue (Elmer's Glue)
29. Robotussin (Robitussin)
30. Chicken in a Casket (Chicken in a Basket)
31. Jujitsubees (Jujubes)
32. Sympathy (Symphony)
33. Fantom (Fanta)
34. Fisherman's Phlegm (Fisherman's Friend)
35. Downer (Downy Fabric Softener)
36. Hex Mix (Chex Mix)
37. Fancy Feet (Fancy Feast)
38. Banned (Ban)
39. Plastic (Vlasic Pickles)
40. Coal Flakes (Corn Flakes)
41. Pullin Strings (Poland Springs)
42. Maze-Ola (Mazola)
43. Sweat Tarts (Sweet Tarts)
44. Witch Bone (Wish Bone)
45. Stubble Bubble (Double Bubble)
46. Bom (Pom)
47. Tacky Packs (Wacky Packages)
48. Superham (Superman)
49. Quicker Goatmeal (Quacker Oatmeal)
50. Aridzona (Arizona)
51. Dum N' Old (Domino)
52. After Life (Life Cereal)
53. Schlepps (Schweppes)
54. Bug Red (Big Red)
55. Philosophical Dream Cheese (Philadelphia Cream Cheese)

B1. Stella Dorko (Stella Doro)
B2. Neutrogenie (Neutrogena)
B3. Pounded Puppies (Pound Puppies)
B4. St Hives (St. Ives)
B5. Botch Guard (Scotch Guard)
B6. Sic Pen (Bic Pen)