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  1. 10/11/20: The Polls for Vintage 1st - 16th have been refurbished.
  2. 10/21/20: There's now a 1974 Sew-Ons page.
  3. 10/22/20: There's now a 12th Variations page.
  4. 10/30/20: There's now a 1988 OPC page.
  5. 11/2/20: The alphabetical crosslist has been updated through Flasbhack II.
    • If you haven't seen it, this is arguably the most useful and important page on the site.
  6. 11/14/20: The ANS7 page has undergone a major overhaul.
  7. 11/24/20: There's now a 1989 OPC page.
  8. 11/26/20: The Flashback 1 page has finally been completed with scans of all variations.
  9. 10/27/20: The sticker text search is now complete through ANS7.
August 6th, 2020: New series of product parody cards coming out soon, compliments of Jon Gregory. We've reviewed them here and give them two thumbs up. They have that 70's look and feel. And printed as white back die-cut stickers like the originals. Pre-Order here.
August 16th, 2020: Amazingly, a new Lost Wacky mysteriously turned up recently on Heritage. Clearly intended for the 1969 Wacky Ad series.
BEWARE: There are Lost Wacky Forgeries going around. In 2019 somebody has printed fake Lost Wacky Series 1 Janitor in a Slum puzzles. Be careful, we have made a list of legitimate LW1 items.


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